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Top Seafood Restaurants Of Myrtle Beach On The Beach

South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach is know for its miles of sand, sun and beach front restaurants. You want a great place to sit down and grab a bite to eat after a long day spent out on the beach. Three restaurants to choose from include Margaritaville Cafe, Bummz Beach Cafe and Pier 14 Restaurant and Lounge.

Margaritaville Myrtle Beach
The Margartiaville Cafe, located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, offers food, drinks and entertainment, depending on the time and the night. Menu choices include cheeseburgers, as in the the famous “Cheeseburger in Paradise,’ seafood appetizers and main course items such as steak and rib.

Bummz Beach Cafe
Bummz Beach cafe enhances visitors’ beach experience by combining a kid-friendly restaurant with adult entertainment in the form of karaoke and live music. Enjoy the beach atmosphere by sitting outside with a frozen cocktail in hand. You can order appetizers, main courses, drinks and desserts at the Bummz Beach Cafe in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Pier 14 Restaurant and Lounge
Pier 14 Restaurant and Lounge, located on north Myrtle Beach, gives you the opportunity to experience a casual dining atmosphere with ocean views and a variety of food choices. You can dine at the pier for lunch and dinner. Or, order drinks at the full bar located inside the restaurant.

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